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Testing equipment
Our testing facilities includes the following equipment
  • Fisba Interferometer FST-H100
  • Newport RS4000 vibration isolation table, 4’  x 8’
  • Plano Interferometer, Muller Wedel, Dia. 70mm
  • Radius measuring bench 100mm and 1000mm, with Heidenhain optical encoders
  • Focometer Mellos 500, Muller Wedel
  • Universal Master Collimator, Muller Wedel
  • Goniometer, Muller Wedel
  • Spectrophotometer Lambda 9/19 for 190-3200nm, PE
  • Spectrophotometer Lambda 15 for 190-900nm, PE
  • Angle masters 1” accuracy, Hilger Watts
  • Auto-CollimatorsInductive probe system 0.1 micron, Mahr
  • Air bearing rotary table 6”, 0.05 microns, Precitech
  • Electronic autocollimator with centering measurement software, Trioptics
  • Laser power meter, Thorlabs
  • CCD autocollimator, Thorlabs
Thin film coatings