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Manufacturing facilities
Astro Optics has has the capability to process spherical and plano surfaces. 
We started from a single building in 1977 and after expanding this in 1992, we have also added 2 more adjacent buildings. Hence we have separated Optics processing machinery, Metal working machinery and Stores in three separate buildings.
Most of our optics processing machines are conventional, non-CNC type. These are mostly Dama, LOH, Rogers & Clark and Leybold makes. Some of our employees have been with us for more than 25 years and developed the necessary skills required for precision optics.
In our optics shop, we have Slitting / Milling machines, Drilling machines, Curve generators, emery/diamond lapping and pitch/pad polishing machines. We use a Laser aided centering & Edging machine capable of centering the lenses to less than 10 seconds depending upon the dimensions. We also have ultrasonic cleaners, sand-blasting machine and programmable furnace and oven.
Our coating machines from Leybold are located in Class 10,000 cleanroom,  which is also equipped with Class 100 Laminar Flow tables, on which the final cleaning of optics prior to coating is carried out. These tables are also used for optical cementing and optical assemblies. The vacuum coating machines are equipped with Ion source, Electron beam evaporator, Thermal sources and IR Heaters to heat the substrates. We have recently upgraded our Coating machine to a PLC based unit with new Electron beam evaporator for added capacity and more consistency.
Our metal working shop is mainly used for mantainance purposes, making jigs / fixtures and also housings for optical assemblies. We have a CNC Lathe from Hardinge, USA.
Thin film coatings