One of the Oldest
Manufacturers Of
Precision Optics in India

We have complete facilities for in-house manufacturing and
inspection of optical components and thin film coatings, as well
as for mechanical parts. The machinery and test equipment is
imported from renowned manufacturers around the world.

About Us

Astro Optics was founded as a partnership company in the year 1977-78. It was converted to a Private Limited Company in the year 2000. We started off with the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses and amateur quality telescopes. With the gradual acquiring of expertise and manufacturing / testing equipment, we shifted focus to precision optics and opto-mechanical assemblies. We have a corporate office in Mumbai. The factory is located in the industrial town of Umargam, on the West coast of India, about 150 Kilometres north of Mumbai. The factory layout is in an area of about 10,000 square feet. We are a family owned and run unit, while also having experienced professional technical staff for efficiently managing the day-to-day operations.

35 years of Experience
Optical lenses
Astro Optics Manufacturers a variety of custom made Optical Components Cintaining Spherical and Plane Surfaces.


Mirrors are used for reflecting the light in optical systems.


Prisms play an important part in any optical system.


We make all kinds of lenses up to Ø200mm.
Thin Film Optics

Thin film coatings play a very important part in any optical system. An uncoated glass surface will reflect or transmit a percentage of the light depending on its refractive index and the angle of incidence. Thin film coatings change the amount of light reflected or transmitted through the optics. These are very thin layers (of the order of Angstroms) of materials coated on to the substrate, hence the term "Thin Films".